The Administrative Unit

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the  Chief Executive Officer and President are responsible for hiring and assigning staff to conduct the daily operations of the agency. The President and Chief Executive Officer provide leadership and management to the agency and oversees the Administrative Unit which includes: Finance and Operations Director, Human Resources Director, Administrative Services Director, Strategic Development and Communications Director, Finance Unit, Human Resources Unit, Information Technology Director, and the Receptionist.

The Administrative Unit is responsible for:

  • overseeing programmatic operations of four units
  • organizing the agency units in the most effective manner to carry out its purpose
  • developing goals, objectives and work plans for the consideration of the Board of Directors
  • support, honor and value the agency’s most important resource, it’s people
  • personnel policies and procedures
  • employee relations
  • personnel records management
  • benefits administration
  • worker’s compensation / safety program administration
  • providing an accounting system for the entire agency
  • processing payroll and vendor checks
  • ensuring that all documentation is in compliance with all rules and regulations of our funding sources
  • submitting monthly reports to funding sources
  • providing a monthly budgeting report to the board of directors
  • ensuring all audits are completed appropriately
  • working with all units of the agency to develop additional resources to meet the
  • goals and objectives of the agency
  • educating the public regarding the services provided by the agency to address the needs in the community
  • technical support both for hardware and software components
  • system management, reporting and training.


Sincere Thanks to our Friends and Community Partners

In these difficult economic times, West Central Missouri Community Action Agency has seen a vast increase in the need for services. We have assisted people who have never had to ask for help before. It has also become very apparent that West Central Missouri comes together to help friends and neighbors in difficult times. It is impossible to name every individual person or all the organizations who have contributed to the work of Community Action. Our sincere appreciation to our partners:

  • Businesses
  • School Districts
  • Community Colleges and Universities
  • Doctors, Dentists and Other Health Care Professionals
  • Mental Health Care Professionals
  • Health Departments
  • Hospitals
  • Contractors
  • Utilities
  • Churches and other Faith-Based Organizations
  • Senior Centers
  • Community Groups
  • Banks
  • Missouri Senators and Representatives
  • County Commissioners, Mayors, and other Locally Elected Officials
  • Foundations
  • State, Regional and National Offices and Associations
  • All of Our Funding Sources
  • Local Media
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Individual Volunteers
  • Contributors and Supporters