The St. Clair County PHA is required to submit a PHA Plan, which is a comprehensive guide to public housing agency (PHA) policies, programs, operations, and strategies for meeting local housing needs and goals. The 5-year plan describes the mission of the agency and the agency’s long-range goals and objectives for achieving its mission over a 5 -year period, and the PHA’s approach to managing programs and providing services for the upcoming year.


The St. Clair County PHA will be submitting the following goals and objectives as part of the PHA’s 5-year plan for FY2020 – FY2025.

  • Increase the availability of decent, safe, and affordable housing through application for additional funding when available and leverage private or other public funds to create additional housing opportunities.
  • Improve the quality of assisted housing and increase assisted housing choices through participant and landlord education
  • Provide an improved living environment through education and enforcement of housing quality standards
  • Promote self-sufficiency and asset development of assisted households through participation in the family self-sufficiency program, development of partnerships with other resources to increase opportunities for training, employment, supportive services, and homeownership.
  • Ensure equal opportunity and affirmatively further fair housing through affirmative measures to protect access to assisted housing and suitable living environment regardless of race, color, religion, nation origin, actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, familial status, and disability.
  • Maintain compliance with the Violence Against Women’s Act of 2013 (VAWA) as required by law to serve the needs of child and adult victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking by informing applicants, participants, and landlords of the requirements of VAWA.  Assistance will be provided to victims through appropriate resources and referrals.
  • Improve collaboration with administering agency programs and community agency’s
  • Streamline to improve program operations that reduce costs and enhance efficiency while maintain HUDs core program oversight and functions
  • Increase employee professional growth opportunities
  • Continued high quality management of the program and maintain high Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) score.


A Public Hearing will be held via Conference Call at 1(669) 224-3412 Access Code: 757-286-717, on June 3, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. For additional information, contact the St. Clair County PHA at (660) 476-2185

The need for affordable housing continues to increase throughout our communities. West Central has two different Housing programs which provide opportunities for low-income persons to have decent, safe and sanitary housing.  Over 3,000 lives in nearly 1700 households are touched by the comprehensive housing programs operated by West Central’s Housing programs every day.



Our services include:


Housing Choice Voucher Program: (formerly known as Section 8 Housing)  Nearly 1,300 households are provided the opportunity to live in a decent safe and sanitary housing of their choice by receiving Housing Choice Voucher subsidies through this program in eight rural counties as well as the metro county of Cass and the City of Grandview, Missouri.

Waiting List: If you would like to fill out an application to be placed on the waiting list for Housing, please fill out this form and bring to your nearest West Central office location.


Family Self-Sufficiency and Home Ownership Programs:  These programs are offered in conjunction with the Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Over 150 families are participating in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program and many have graduated and become self-sufficient.  A number of families have been able to become homeowners by taking advantage of the Home Ownership Program, which helps the families pay their mortgage rather than rent.


Multifamily Housing:  The agency has developed and manages 399 units of multifamily housing in eleven properties in Cass County, Jackson County, Henry County and several other rural counties.


Over 80% of the units are senior housing and 12 are for people with special needs.  West Central is also a partner in three other multi-family developments with a total of 72 units.


For more information regarding the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Family Self-Sufficiency, and Home Ownership Programs:

Residents of the following counties:  Henry, St. Clair, Vernon, Cedar, and Benton:  (800) 293 -3581

Residents in Cass County please call: (816)322-0502


Chris R M Picture

Chris Richardson-McQueen, Chief housing Enrichment Officer  Ext. 1500



Amy Anderson, Chief Housing Assistance Officer Ext. 1800








Click here for the Homeless Missourians Information Systems (HMIS) Privacy Notice


If you would like to inquire about openings at any of our Multi-Family Housing properties, please contact staff at one of the locations listed below. 

Property Locations for Multi-Family Housing 

*Oaktree Villa (Senior Housing Only)
919 Walnut Drive #C-2
Warsaw, Missouri 65355
(660) 438-5007
Fax: (660) 438-2116

*Greenleaf Estates (Senior Housing Only)
16805 Spring Valley Road
Belton, Missouri 64012
(816) 331-4620
Fax: (816) 322-2710

*Hawthorn Estates (Senior Housing Only)
1900 Jenkins Drive
Harrisonville, Missouri 64701
(816) 380-6833
Fax: (816) 380-3459

*Walnut Estates (Senior Housing Only)
412 West Walnut
Raymore, Missouri 64083
(816) 331-2959
Fax: (816) 318-4140

*Maplewood Estates (Senior Housing Only)
1119 South Maplewood Place
Stockton, Missouri 65785
(417) 276-3330
Fax: (417) 276-3338

Cedar Ridge
1201 E. Patricia
Eldorado Springs, MO 64744
(417) 876-6114
Fax (417) 876-0065

Antioch Hills
1819 North Gaines Drive
Clinton, Missouri 64735
(660) 885-8200
Fax: (660) 885-3089

*Hickory Estates (Senior Housing Only)
701 West Highway 54
Hermitage, Missouri 65668
(417) 745-0131
Fax: (417) 745-0132

*Prairie Estates (Senior Housing Only)
1515 Jones Avenue
Grandview, Missouri 64030
(816) 767-1445
Fax: (816) 761-0046

*Willow Estates (Senior Housing Only)
4800 South Hocker
Kansas City, Missouri 64136
(816) 350-3134
Fax: (816) 350-3119

*Appleton Estates (Senior Housing Only)
300 South Beech
Appleton City, Missouri 64724
(660) 476-2185 ext. 1306
Fax: (660) 476-5529