The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $12 million in Farm to School Grants this year, announcing awards to 176 grantees, the most projects funded since the program began in 2013. West Central is one of two entities in Missouri receiving funds from this grant!

What West Central plans on doing with these funds:

This two-year project will enhance and continue current farm to school work and momentum in West Central’s nine-county region by building on the agricultural strengths of the region and a growing rural network of food system partners and projects. Specifically, it will focus on expanding the amount of local produce in the Nevada (Vernon County Missouri) and neighboring El Dorado Springs (Cedar County, Missouri) school districts, both located within the Interstate-49 corridor, a central transportation route. This will be done through the following objectives: 1. Increase number of schools purchasing local food; 2. Raise the visibility of farm to school in the region; and 3. Business plan research for pre-processing foods.
We are proud of the people who made bringing this grant to the west central Missouri region possible. More info on the grant can be found here:
The mission of the Food Systems Program at West Central is to increase food security for every individual, family, and community in the nine county region we serve through dynamic transformational work. We strive to improve local food systems by creating and improving opportunity for growers, makers, and eaters.