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West Central has developed and currently manages 399 units of multi-family housing on 11 properties in Cass, Jackson, Henry, St. Clair, Cedar, Hickory and Benton counties.  Over 80% of the units are senior housing and 12 are for individuals with special needs.  West Central is also a partner in three other multi-family developments having a total of 72 units.

Rent and security deposits vary by property. Please contact the property site manager for more property specific, security deposit information. The resident pays for the gas and electric bills, but a credit is deducted from their rent calculation to assist in paying for this expense.  

Please look at each individual property below, for more information. 

Properties to serve you
Amazing Professionals on Our Team
Housing Units
Individuals/Families Housed in 2017


Stephanie Hlade

Multi-family Housing Supervisor

Kristina Klass

Multi-Family Housing Supervisor

Melissa Hillier

Site manager - antioch

Monica Marriott

site manager - oaktree villa, antioch Hills


Fonda Cauthron

service coordinator - Hickory Estates, Maplewood estates


Angie Rhodes

Site manager - Hawthorn Estates

Judy Baker

Site manager- Maplewood Estates and Hickory Estates

Maintenance- Maplewood Estates

Steve Bennett

Maintenance - Hawthorn Estates

Lesta Vogler

Site manager- Appleton Estates, Oak Tree Villa

Sharon Synan

Site Manager- Appleton Estates, Housing Secretary

Don Evans

Maintenance - Cedar Ridge Estates

Julie Lehman

Service Coordinator- Greenleaf Estates

Sherry Smith

site Manager Prairie estates/walnut estates

Dee Martin

Service Coordinator- Prairie Estates/Willow Estates

Johnny Roby

maintenance- Willow Estates

Jim Murdock

Maintenance- Oak Tree Villa

Kent Boreen

Maintenance- Antioch Hills

Onlee Avis

Maintenance- Antioch Hills

Jim Creed

Maintenance- Hickory Estates

Karen Dawkins-Olinger

Site Manager- Green Leaf Estates

We Look Forward to Welcoming You Home.



Detailed Property Information Coming Soon!



How much will my rent be?

30% of your income less a deduction for medical expenses and a utility allowance deduction.

How much is the security deposit?

30% of your income less a deduction for medical expenses

Are there washers and dryers in the units?


What is the average cost of electricity?

$81.00 is the average bill. 

Is there a cost to participate in the service coordination program?


do you allow pets?

Yes, small dogs and cats are allowed. 

Is there an application fee?


are there garages or covered parking?


What are income limits and how do they apply to me?

Income lLimits are the maximum gross income a household size can earn. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits for each state and county annually. Our Housing Programs are mandated to follow these income limits for the households we serve. 

What is a Waiting List and how does it work?

You may easily get on our property’s waiting list by completing a simple application process. Your application is then date stamped and timed into the waiting list. Applicants are then notified from this list when and apartment will be coming available for them. 




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